Scott Kemeling of Georgia Offers Advice to Bartenders Looking to Increase Their Tips

Scott Kemeling Georgia

As someone with years of experience bartending, Scott Kemeling of Georgia is acutely aware of the importance of customer tips. When bartenders like Scott Kemeling gather more experience, they learn different strategies and tactics that can lead to increased tips from customers. From the highest level, bartenders should know there’s no substitute for solid customer service. Customers want to be treated fairly and deal with a friendly and accommodating bartender. No strategy in bartending can replace a negative attitude or a lack of work ethic.

One of the more helpful tips Scott Kemeling of Georgia can offer a newer bartender is to use emotional intelligence when dealing with customers. Emotional intelligence is the ability to interpret the emotions of others. A bartender with high emotional intelligence can pick up on when a customer is coming in looking for a conversation or when they are looking to be left alone. A bartender who can match the energy level of the customer can deliver the type of service the customer is looking for in their trip to the bar. Sometimes, the best thing a bartender can do is validate the customers’ emotions. For instance, when the bar is backed up on a busy night, a bartender can do themselves a favor by acknowledging the delay and apologizing. People will often grow much more sympathetic for a bartender who is doing all they can to meet the needs of the masses.

Another great example of emotional intelligence is picking up on a customer having a tough time picking out a drink. This is a great opportunity for a bartender like Scott Kemeling of Georgia to show off their expertise. Ask a few questions about their drink preferences and then make a recommendation. If the customer likes the drink the bartender suggests, they are much more likely to leave a higher percentage tip at the end of the evening.

Every bartender should speak to their manager about the establishment’s position on taste tests. Allowing a customer to sample something before making an order will create a better experience for the customer. Another great way to build a personal connection is to write something on the customer’s bill. If the customer is a regular who loves talking about the Georgia Bulldogs, it may be wise to write “Go Dawgs!” on the bill. When there’s no connection to the customer, it can be beneficial to write something as simple as “Thank you!”

Every customer wants to feel like they are a priority, Scott Kemeling of Georgia learned quickly that customers appreciate when their order is repeated back to them. Customers also appreciate personal recommendations. Bartenders should have a few signature drinks that they suggest and provide additional info on. For instance, it can be appealing for a customer to know where their drink originated from, how it grew in popularity, its flavor profile etc.

When people feel like someone is going above and beyond for them, they will want to do the same. Anyone can take a drink order and hand a customer a drink, but it takes a skilled, passionate bartender to take pride in their work and genuinely care about their customer’s happiness. Not every bartender will take the time to learn a customer’s name or actively follow up to see if a customer needs anything else. Scott Kemeling recommends treating every customer like a VIP. When passion and effort are evident, the tips will surely increase.

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