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Scott Kemeling

Welcome to the official website of Scott Kemeling of Georgia. Scott Kemeling has experience in retail, construction, transportation, and the hospitality industry. Throughout his work experience, Scott Kemeling has consistently found that the restaurant business was the most rewarding.

As a bartender, Scott Kemeling loves taking on the dinner rush and rising to the challenges only a busy restaurant can provide. With plans to manage a restaurant of his own, this website will not only provide tips to help people looking to thrive as a bartender, but it will also discuss different ways to set up a restaurant for sustained success.

One thing that Scott Kemeling of Georgia notes is always critical to remember in the hospitality industry is that maintaining a positive attitude is paramount. Managers of restaurants not only have the eyes of their employees on them, but they also have the eyes of all customers on them. As necessary as it is to ensure the food and beverage are top-notch at a restaurant, it’s just as essential to ensure the customer service is impeccable. When a manager is upset, angry, or grouchy, it instantly takes away from the customer experience. Those who work for the manager will often take on a similar mindset to their manager, and the whole restaurant can suffer from the mood of a single person.

As someone who has spent years bartending, Scott Kemeling can say with confidence that people head to restaurants to escape the worries of the outside world. Still, there’s more to restaurant management than staying positive. For instance, Scott Kemeling of Georgia notes that all strong restaurant managers make it a point to remain consistent. Consistency matters in how managers communicate, how they maintain rules, and how they set expectations. Restaurant employees want to know that their manager is a calming force during the most hectic moments. When they keep their temperament consistent, employees will follow suit.

Scott Kemeling notes that the best restaurant managers are proactive. Managing decisions must always be made with the future in mind. For instance, if a manager notices that a restaurant is doing well, they should proactively look at staffing needs. Some other things a restaurant manager must constantly consider include:

  • Updating the menu
  • Inventory Needs
  • Marketing Needs
  • Trends in the Market
  • Technology Needs
  • Schedule Changes

By constantly thinking of the future, a manager is never caught off guard and is able to situate the restaurant for sustained success. Scott Kemeling of Georgia also notes that the best restaurant owners and managers have held multiple jobs within the restaurant industry. It is difficult to do the job properly without the experience of working in the business. Even once a manager reaches the management level, they should never be afraid to get active with the staff and experience everything from how the kitchen is operating to how the servers are keeping up with demand. Managers willing to mix it up and get their hands dirty earn the respect of the staff and often acquire a better base of knowledge to make informed decisions that help the restaurant succeed.

Having worked with some incredible coworkers in the restaurant industry, Scott Kemeling of Georgia notes that good help is not always easy to find. Those who are successful in the restaurant industry will prioritize keeping their staff happy and on board. Hiring and training can be a long process. Once an employee has shown they have what it takes to be successful in their role, management should do everything they can to retain their talent. One of the best ways to retain employees is to make sure they know that their voices are heard. An open-door policy is a smart business practice. It is also helpful when a manager has an understanding of the career goals of their employee. If someone earns it, the manager can do their best to guide them on their path up the ladder.

The only thing as important as keeping employees happy is keeping customers happy. Scott Kemeling of Georgia notes that business will show how successful or unsuccessful a restaurant is performing. Still, a wise manager in the modern age also takes stock of how their restaurant is being reviewed online. The modern diner will almost always look to see if a restaurant has positive or negative reviews online. If negative reviews are spotted, Scott Kemeling suggests using the review as an opportunity to address the issue directly. Customers will appreciate a manager who takes an active approach to remedying issues.

One thing that many successful people in the restaurant industry fail to do is take proper care of themselves. Scott Kemeling of Georgia notes that the hours in the restaurant industry can be extremely rewarding. Many employees in management positions don’t have more than a single day off. It’s important to make sure that a manager surrounds themselves with staff who can steer the ship when they are not present. Taking a day or two off to relax and recharge will ensure an owner is giving their best effort when they are present.

The advice above is just the tip of the iceberg of what readers can expect from this website. Scott Kemeling of Georgia is very excited to launch this website and will be updating the blog regularly. Future blogs will touch on everything from how bartenders can increase their tips to how restaurant owners can market their establishment to draw in repeat customers. Be sure to visit often for the latest tips and insights from Scott Kemeling.